Team Leads

Noah Golden


Noah is a senior at West End Secondary School. He had the idea to create a scheduling service while finding COVID-19 vaccine appointments for his Grandmother and Father. After realizing just how hard it was to find an appointment, Noah started VSS in order to help other New Yorkers in need.

Louis Nahon

Louis is a senior at Bronx Science. He joined VSS as an opportunity to help those in his community. He feels the best way to do so would be by putting an end to this pandemic, and helping everyone get vaccinated.

Daniel Rosenkranz

Daniel is currently a senior at York Preparatory School. He became a part of VSS because he wanted to help people get vaccines. He wants to utilize his skills in technology in order to help VSS find vaccine appointments more efficiently.

Raphael Nahon

Rafi is a senior at Bronx Science. He chose to bring his media skills to VSS in order to help expand its service to more and more New Yorkers. He hopes that he will make a meaningful contribution to the fight against coronavirus.